Updraft America uses Congressional Record | Suzanne Firstenberg

Updraft America

Art gives voice to the unheard.  As a Washington, DC sculptor, I felt a certain responsibility to address political gridlock through my art and so, last summer, I bought a year’s subscription to the Congressional Record, the official transcript of our United States Congress.  I am folding each page into a paper airplane, striping each red or blue to connote the partisan divide, and will be installing them in a large mass of approximately 8,000 paper airplanes at America University’s Katzen Center this coming fall, in the run-up to the elections.  From this mass, the uppermost paper airplanes will rise into the air, and as they do, their red and blue colors will combine to be purple.

When people learned of my project, they, too, wanted to fold.  Texas conservatives, New York liberals, South Dakotans, Miami Cuban-Americans, many sets of hands have joined me so far in folding.  But why stop there?  We have decided to give voice and visibility to the moderate majority of Americans, and, thus, Updraft America is about to take off.

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