Updraft America Installs at the Katzen

Updraft America takes flight!  Here is a mid-installation photo taken August 30th.  Approximately 150 paper airplanes have been installed.  10, 568 left to go.  Luckily, only a small percentage require fishing line.

The exhibition opens after Labor Day at American University’s Katzen Center, with the opening reception on Saturday, September 10th from 6-9PM.  Also, join us for a special evening on Thursday, September 15th dedicated to Updraft America–both the installation and the social/political movement.  Cokie Roberts will discuss the media’s role in politics today and will introduce people striving to end political gridlock and move us forward.

Visit UpdraftAmerica.org and fold your own paper airplanes out of letters to candidates.  Tell them that you will only vote for those willing to bridge the political divide.  Instead of waiting for change, create it!