Bloedel Reserve Reflections

Many of the photos you will find on this website were taken during my 2017 artist residency at the Bloedel Reserve on the northern tip of Bainbridge Island.  For those unfamiliar with this spot of heaven, it is a 25-minute ferry ride west of Seattle.  If you have not yet discovered this nature refuge, add it to the top of your list.

I was quite lucky to be their resident artist for the month of March, an enchanting time when the fronds are cut back in the moss garden and the reserve is readied for a burst of spring activity.  


My gracious hosts at the Bloedel Reserve housed me in their beautiful guest lodge built of cedar, stone, and glass.  It is nestled in the tall woods beside a deer-cropped meadow.  Early morning hours ushered in sunrises that I could watch from the guest house…

…or meet at the water’s edge.  


Seeing the horizontal rays of dawn light filtering through the cedars was breathtaking. Each day I would walk for 2-6 hours through this Disneyland of nature.

Resting at the edge of the Japanese reflecting pool, I could allow my subconscious to lead the dance of ideas as I prepared unknowingly for my next art series…

As you have been transported back with me to those wet, cool March days, come join me now as I prepare that next body of work:  using art to reduce the stigma surrounding substance abuse.