Artist’s Statement


My work endeavors to uphold the dignity of individuals.  For those stripped of their dignity, I create.

I began my career in two realms preoccupied with themselves:  the pharmaceutical industry and the United States Capitol.  To keep my personal focus outwardly aimed, I began working with the terminally ill.  My hospice patients and their families taught me the enduring value of maintaining one’s dignity.   

One day, I discovered the artist within me.  I diligently learned materials and methods.  I became a creator of objects…and they taught me beauty.  But beauty without depth is vacuous.  So I learned to use my art to defend others:  the homeless, the non-binary, original Americans, drug addicts.  Beauty lures viewers to my work, but as they approach, the art has its say.

I have much to say and little time.  Instead of forcing one medium to be the only visual language in which I am fluent, I am a polyglot, materially.  Selecting the medium whose visual communication moves me the furthest in establishing my messaging is a critical part of my work. Mastery of media as diverse as ice, child safety items, concrete rubble and paper airplanes provides me strength of voice.

Ideas emerge from my endless reading and research.  Interstitial moments find me wandering intellectually through journals, articles, books, filling my mind with data that will synaptically meet and form seeds for my next body of work.

Art is my voice.  My voice of protest and provocation.  My voice of affiliation and affection.  My voice of change.