A brilliant supporter of the arts, developer Eddie Lenkin has provided me ample space just outside of Washington, DC, to sculpt for the next little while until this delightful building is torn down to mitigate urban sprawl by creating density surrounding public transport.  In the meantime, my studio is now located just three blocks from the Bethesda Metro Station. 

For now, Flash Sideways Studio has the space to house the many installations of The Empty Fix Project, including my 28′ shipping container!

My studio is named “Flash Sideways Studio” to reflect the dueling realities that abound in our lives and in my art.  A flash back is a reflection of something already experienced; flashing forward is anticipation. 

A flash sideways suggests another parallel, possibly competing, reality. 

This concept of duality becomes actuated in my work, stimulating tension, highlighting truths, and challenging thought. 

I invite you to visit my brand new website and home of “UnPresidented” and “In America….”: