Welcome to my digital refuge. 

My other refuge–my sculpting studio–is housed in a 19th century carriage house in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Flash Sideways Studio | Suzanne Firstenberg | WashingtonDC I chose this neighborhood for its vibe–it is peopled in every shade, language, and attitude DC has to offer.  Here, We the People, not only co-exist, but enrich each other’s lives, creating a community better than its parts.

My studio is named “Flash Sideways Studio” to reflect the dueling realities that abound in our lives and in my art.  A flash back is a reflection of something already experienced; flashing forward is anticipation. 

A flash sideways suggests another parallel, possibly competing, reality. 

This concept of duality becomes actuated in my work, stimulating tension, highlighting truths, and challenging thought.